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After almost 12 years practicing law in Knoxville, Tennessee, Mital D. Patel decided to start her own firm in January, 2020 and moved the office to West Knoxville. Ms. Patel is excited to start this new chapter with a trusted and respected colleague, Julie D. Eisenhower. In January, 2021, TriAmicus Law was proud to welcome Jennifer R. Egelston and Katherine L. Edwards to the team. One of the first questions many people ask is what does the name of the firm mean and why?

The word Amicus is of Latin origin and is a noun defined as an impartial adviser, often voluntary, to a court of law in a particular case. The word Amicus is synonymous with what sets our attorneys apart and truly defines the weight we place in our relationship with our clients. We are here to serve as friends, allies, loyal and advisors during what is often a difficult time for our clients, their families or their business. The definition embodies the Vision, the Values and the Mission that this firm was founded upon and that each of our attorneys operate under

Mital D. Patel

Mital D. Patel

Founder/Managing Partner

Mital D. Patel is zealous in her individualized representation of her clients.  Ms. Patel represents clients a wide array of practice areas with over a decade of experience.  Ms. Patel will always educate and guide her clients through every step of a legal process.  Ms. Patel is honored to get to know each and every client.  In doing so, Ms. Patel aims to understand her client’s legal issues and strives to provide solutions. Ms. Patel counsels her clients in what often times can be an arduous legal process.  Ms. Patel’s years of experience and insight as a business owner distinguishes her practice as she advises with practical applications and explanations.

Ms. Patel is licensed to practice law in Tennessee and Mississippi. Before founding TriAmicus Law, PLLC, Ms. Patel was a Partner at General Knox Law, P.C. (fka Hyman, Carter & Patel, PLLC). Ms. Patel resides in Knoxville, Tennessee with her two children and is proud to serve in the East Tennessee community that she has called home for over a decade. Ms. Patel is a passionate volunteer who believes in giving back to her community.

Julie D. Eisenhowe

Julie D. Eisenhower

Attorney/Appellate Counsel

Julie D. Eisenhower has been practicing law in Tennessee since 2009. Having represented clients including the state of Tennessee from serving as an Assistant District Attorney General to representing numerous private clients, Ms. Eisenhower brings vast experience to the practice. Ms. Eisenhower has served in a variety of practice areas including family law, estate planning and probate, Social Security Disability, bankruptcy, and appellate court practice. With this background, Ms. Eisenhower is able to better guide clients through their cases with the experience and knowledge of how the legal challenges a client is facing at this time may affect the client’s total legal well-being. It is Ms. Eisenhower’s goal to work efficiently, effectively, and professionally for each client and to counsel the client through each step of the legal process.

Ms. Eisenhower was born and raised in Knoxville. She and her husband are continuing the tradition of raising their young family to love the Tennessee Vols. Ms. Eisenhower’s husband, Matthew Eisenhower, is a retired Master Sergeant of the United States Marine Corps and proudly served our country in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. It is a true honor and privilege to represent our men and women in uniform.

Throughout her career as a military police officer, Jennifer R. Egelston upheld the MP motto of “Assist. Protect. Defend.”  Like many of her family members who served their communities through both law enforcement work and military service, in her career as an attorney, Ms. Egelston hopes to continue in this regard.  Ms. Egelston is a natural protector and a caring friend who will compassionately counsel her clients while she stands firm as their zealous advocate.  As a result of her own life experiences and empathetic nature, Ms. Egelston has a great ability to identify with her clients and offer them a realistic explanation of the legal process.

Katherine L. Edwards is a graduate of University of Tennessee College of Law. She is excited to dive into the practice of law and feels privileged to assist clients. Ms. Edwards is practicing in the areas of environmental law, real estate law, small claims/collections, general sessions, and alcohol licensing law. She hopes to create open relationships with her clients and wants them to feel comfortable and confident in bringing their issues to her. Ms. Edwards hopes for every client to feel as if they understand each part of the legal process for their issue.

Ms. Edwards is licensed to practice law in Tennessee. She currently resides in Knoxville and has lived in East Tennessee for nearly all her life. She adores camping in the Blue Ridge, and you might catch her at a river cleanup or a trail maintenance event.

Sherri E. Miljenovic

Sherri E. Miljenovic

Office Administrator/Paralegal

Sherri is an Advanced Certified Paralegal and proficient with American Sign Language/Deaf Interpretations. Sherri is also serving our clients and assisting our attorneys in her role as Office Administrator.

In her free time, Sherri enjoys spending time with her family, especially her grandchildren. She is a proud mom who homeschooled her six children, she continues to volunteer with the youth at her church and now helps our clients and their families during what can often be difficult times with her compassion, diligence and keen eye for detail.


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